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Interfaith Blasphemy Activist Spirituality

  • A non-binary experience of the Buddhadharma

    By Joyoti Grech Cato I remember standing on the rajbari island, my feet re-rooting my body in the red earth of Where I Come From. My ancestors – warriors, weavers, women, men and all genders- surround me, my cousin and my friend by my side, the wide river below us and Bhante island[i] across it…

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  • Interfaith Work in Rojava

    By Jo and Nora In October 2022, Jo travelled to Rojava, as part of the Water for Rojava committee, visiting co-operatives and representatives of the women’s movement and other economic, water and education structures in the region. Water for Rojava is a campaign initiated by the Solidarity Economy Association that has so far raised over…

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  • Islam and Anarchism: An Interview with Mohamed Abdou

    By Nora Ziegler Bad Apple is still a small zine, but it has already brought us into conversation with inspiring dedicated individuals around the world who are reaching out and building solidarity across differences. This work is crucial at a time when many politicians, activists and writers exploit divisions to gain or maintain their individual…

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The Parable of the Bad Apple

What shall we say paradise is like? What parable shall we use to explain it? It is like a bruised apple. The bruised apple becomes food and shelter for worm, fruit flies and all kinds of small creatures. And if it is not separated and thrown out, it will soon infect all the other apples.

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